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Saturday, April 18, 2009

You finally

"Hey dude you're hot" used to be the best thing anyone ever said to me. But that has been replaced with Norm Macdonald smiling at me as I approached him after the show and saying:

You Finally.

His arms were outstretched to me and then we hugged. And we chatted slightly and hugged again.

I am probably going to go to just for laughs this summer, which is the plan every summer but this one will not be thwarted. I hope he's there. I'll say "It is me again."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i saw glasgvegas again

cos i was in ottawa for their toronto show. and i got my tax return so i flew to vancouver to stay with my besties ann and joel.

i was a little bit, alot bit drunk for the show and so it was amazing.

james allen isn't wearing sleeves these days and his arms look great. he's beautiful.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

so i guess she isn't pregnant.

you know what is a charming song?

Now you are pregnant by The Wave Pictures. Two really great lines of the many good lines are

...and you could say sorry 10 billion times but sorry didn't do what you did...

...And I've seen you selling shoes but you've never heard me sing...


...and I love the view out of my Glasgow window...


FM. with Chris O'dowd.

About three radio music DJs.
It seems to be set in Manchester. Great exteriors - well I like the look of Manchester!
Cameo appearance by ladyhawke and justin hawkins and imagine more to come.

downside it is hard to find. I could only locate the first episode so far.

Law and Order UK

Law and Order in London.
Lots of shots of London.
The crown prosecutor or whatever he is kinda looks like daniel craig, sounds a lot like him and is smirky like him. Very enjoyable.
The cop team are funny.
It seems that it's usually the Northerners fault.

Red Riding

Gritty crime drama set in 1970s in Yorkshire.
The accents are insanely hard to decipher.
Sean Bean is in the first one and some other lookers.
Very violent.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kate Moss always wins... she is preggers

Kate Moss' boyfriend is Jamie Hince 1/2 of The Kills and he is the shit. If she breaks up The Kills so help me god. I bet Allison Mosshart, his co hort in The Kills, is not to thrilled about this. They are just about to go on tour and it's already hard enough to get him to do anything without Moss and now she's got his seed in her. Anyone who has seen The Kills sees the chemistry Jamie and Allison have on stage, and Moss is always trying to get in on it. Allison already told her she would not come on stage with them, though she wants to. Allison called the idea 'inappropriate'. Allison is amazing.

I am watching Eastern Promises cos I just saw a doc on Russian prison tattoos - Hot. But really I wish I was reading. I have a huge reading list. Currently I am in the beginning of 1999, the last Morgan Llywellyn Irish History novel. It's quite good. Last time I put it down I cursed one of the characters. She has been annoying but now she is full on pissing me off.

Also on the go The Man Who Smiled a Kurt Wallander mystery. I watched the 3 Wallander episodes the BBC put out recently. Man I love Kenneth Brannagh. Partially, I always have since seeing him in Much Ado About Nothing - Beatrice and Bennedict always lovely. But also I found out he was born in Belfast, which for some reason does it for me as well. The Wallander series was really good. Shot in Sweden, I think Ystad, and just a great soundtrack and Kenneth was really working the sympathies playing a brilliant and emotionally distracted police officer. The book is very good as well.

Lastly I have to crack up the Artie Lange auto biography, Too Fat to Fish. Sure to be a page turner. I can devour biographies, especially comedians. Though I have yet to finish the Steve Martin Auto-Bio. I borrowed Too Fat... from a friend and I want to return it promptly.

Anyway best intentions but I think I'll stick to half watching Eastern Promises while browsing the latest gossip on the internet.

It is family day so nothing is open probably going to go see He's Just Not That into You tonight. That's the life I lead.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's All Go Take a Walk in the Rain


Jay Jay Pistolet is adorable. He is currently touring with Noah and The Whale. And the prospect that he might open for them in April at the Mod Club is quite agreeable to my eyes and my ears.

Cute folky pop songs with slightly retro distorted vocals coming from that cute quiet boy in your class.

Speaking of cute watched Angus, Thongs and Perfecting Snogging last night.

This was just out of boredom and not wanting to get into anything too heavy. This movie turned out to be quite delightful. Alan Davies is in it and then a slew of cute boys, teenaged boys granted, but I am reconciling those emotions with myself. I will deal with that on my own time.

Anyhoots. This flick is like a junior Bridget Jones... Wait! Don't run off. But yet more mature. Georgina is awkward and boy crazy but she, miracles of miracles, sets her eye on a boy who as the film progress embraces those qualities about her. There is drama and squimish moments but it is quite more bearable then when Bridget does it. Maybe it's because she is a grown woman acting like a teenager girl.

However, Angus... Has a fun cast, a great soundtrack and it is seems to be the best parts of Bridget Jones and the quirky indie British comedies that were prevalent in the 90s.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2008... delayed.

So if you watch the Etalk Lilly Allen special on today you will totally see moi behind her with my friend Annie. This is what you do when you have nothing to do. I like her new album it is poppy and fun. Not amazing, but still fun.

Bands I saw in 2008

Kate Nash x 2 - and at the phoenix i met her beau Ryan Jarman which was amazing. The Cribs are fantastic I wish they hadn't pulled out of V fest on the Island.

The Kills x 2 - I got to meet them briefly at an autograph signing session at Osheaga in Montreal. They are so lovely.

Oasis - Noel got pushed
Stereophonics and Paul Weller were also on the bill.

Laura Marling with Mumford and Sons and Johnny Flynn X 2 - once in a small club in Toronto. Once is a slightly bigger club in London, England. With Jay Jay Pistole - who was very good. Got to drink with them in Toronto. Got hammered.

Noah and the Whale - free show at the horseshoe. They are coming back playing the mod club should be quite good.

Glasvegas as the ultimate end to 2008. I saw them at hogmonay in Edinburgh. And it was fantastic. I am pretty obsessed with them currently and I am desperate to get tickets to see them in TO at the Mod club though it sold out quite quickly... too quickly.

Also when in the UK saw The Mighty Boosh Live and Steve Coogan. So great. Best trip ever and the extremely cold reality of Toronto was a harsh one to come back to.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Green Wing

I am a little too obsessed with Green Wing right now.

The second season of skins has started.
racy times.